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Key Details  
Title: Aussie Racing Car - Chassis #72 - Front Runner
Description: ** NOW ALSO INCLUDES ENCLOSED TRAILER ** Great for storing the car and interstate trips, it sits very low (under roof line of a Ranger, and has room for spares and tools etc.


Aussie Racing Car chassis #72. This ARC is in excellent condition and is a proven front running car. This car has had race wins and in its current build has seen the podium and top 5 finishes. With the right driver, it could be on the top step, and with a developing driver, it’s a well sorted car to progress in.

This is a package sale, including an extensive range of spares that will give someone a perfect starting point when joining the category. You'll have a spare bonnet, splitters, carbys, shocks, wheels, engine components, ignition parts, and more. At the beginning of the 2016 season, the entire car was stripped back to a bare frame and completely rebuilt, having a fresh powder coat in the process, it has only run three race events since with no testing between. It was completely straight then and hasn't seen a single hit since.

Currently running a Toyota Aurion body, this car was built in the last year pre-weight restrictions, so it's been made very light (carbon doors, lightweight fluid lines, one-piece tail shaft, etc), which is great for a heavier driver to lower overall weight. Otherwise, run ballast like myself if you’re under minimum weight.

The car is currently in Adelaide so a confirmation test can be arranged at Mallala Raceway for the buyer (ensuring you are getting a high performing car, not something that has been loaded up with old parts). I am happy to assist with initial testing of the car until you are comfortable or join you for your first race meeting and help you through the process while looking after the car. This is a proven car, don’t waste time mucking around with one that has never performed well, there is a lot of time in getting these set up correctly and it makes a difference.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to call. If you would like to confirm the car’s capability, just ask anyone in the Aussie Car paddock. Thanks, Myles.
ARC Model: Toyota Aurion
Year: 2012
Price: $ 40,000.00
Condition: Excellent
Exterior Color: Green
Additional Information  
Aussie Racing Car - Engine: 1300 Water Cooled
Engine Rebuild Information: Rare Billet water-cooled cylinder block
Aussie Racing Car - Aero Kit: Low & High Downforce kits
Aussie Racing Car - Upgrades: As built in 2012
Spare Parts: Shocks, bonnets, splitters, wheels, tyres, engine & brake components, the list goes on.
State: SA
Myles Bond
Registration Date: Nov 14, 2016
First Name: Myles
Last Name: Bond
Mobile Phone: 0419858741
State: SA
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